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Twilight vs Buffy

Because I’m feeling really bad lately, I have little to no energy to write. So here.. have a picture comparing Twilight to Buffy!

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Women Struggling to Drink Water

I was reading an article today about how women are often photographed in a sexy way, even as professionals whereas men usually are allowed to be shown as strong and competent. The women on the other hand have to look … Continue reading

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Murder Kitty

I should probably warn any sensitive readers that I will be talking about critters who met their demise in this post. My cat, Saga, is quite the hunter. I think I’ve written about it before. She catches just about anything … Continue reading

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TV.. Why do you hate me so?

I follow a fair number of TV shows. In fact, there are so many I’d be ashamed to admit it. Some of them I save up and watch later, but the majority I watch every week (though sometimes I “save … Continue reading

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