Life, School and everything

Yup, I’m still in school. Getting worried though, well, I suppose getting is something of an understatement. I’ve been worried all along. I keep having these fears that I’m going to fail completely. I can only hope it will not be so.

Also feeling generally unhappy with my life. Big surprise there, eh? Don’t really know what to do about it either. I hope it will get better as I settle in with being back to school and all.

Been reading a bit, read Julia Quinn’s latest book in one sitting. Then Julie Garwood’s in two. Now I have to choose what to read next, but I’m holding off a little since I have a lot to read for school.

Tomorrow is puppy course time again with Bailey. I hope he behaves!

And… *drumroll* I’m finally back to writing! I just finished chapter three of Winter’s Tale (working title) and feeling quite pleased with myself. So incredibly happy to be writing again. When I’m not writing I’m about ready to start climbing the walls, or at the very least bang my head against it…

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