I went to the hospital today to get my cast removed, and they did take it off. However, the x-rays showed that the bones haven’t mended yet so I’m not allowed to walk for quite a while yet. In 5 weeks I get to go back for another x-ray. But at least the cast is off, I guess that counts for something.

I get to use the leg a little, but only 15-20 kilos of weight can be put on it for now. So I guess Bailey can’t come home yet *sigh* I have to be able to walk at least a short distance to take him out.

Below are some very nasty photos of what my leg looks like now that the cast is off. They are not nice photos.. 6 weeks with a cast on isn’t very flattering for your leg it appears! And the leg and foot are still very swollen.

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3 Responses to Bah!

  1. Hannah says:

    Ajajajajajaj! :S You need some SkeleGrow!

  2. pelle says:

    stackare tycker synd om dig :( kram på dig

  3. Malin says:

    Thats really bad the leg dont have been good yet. =(
    And a bit sad thay Bailey cant come home yet. I bet he misses you alot.
    Hope you soon will get well to 100%.

    Are you going to get some new books from the sells now?

    And as a Ps. can you get some use in raid and so on in wow af a hunter and somthing more? Ds

    Take Care

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