That’s it?

I was just reading some blogs, basically going from a link on my sister’s blog somewhere else and then from there onwards. Eventually I ended up on some site linking to what is supposedly some of Sweden’s most popular blogs. I have to admit I’m rather horrified. Are we that superficial?

All these “popular” blogs seem to be young girls with too much make-up and too little sense. They blog about their “opinions” – but mainly just about their clothes and how drunk they were last night. Oh and that party was so cool and omg did you hear about…???

Who reads that stuff? Are we that superficial that people only read blogs from pretty, young blondes who have nothing better to do than spend their time writing about clothes? And then they whine that omg people are so stupid cause they copy my style of clothing etc.! Um.. wasn’t that the whole point of your blog when you write about fashion? To get people to see your style and I’m assuming.. use it?

These pretty blondes obviously don’t even know colours, because I swear they all had horrible lipsticks that clashed with their skintone. A very fake skin tone in some cases I might add.

So maybe that’s what I need to do if I want a successful blog. I should.. get really blonde, long hair.. some ugly lipstick and write about partying and clothes. Hmm.. how about.. no. I think I’ll just stick to using it as my personal little diary, because I don’t see myself ever being someone that cares that much about the clothes I’m wearing or which bar I went to or with whom.

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5 Responses to That’s it?

  1. Malin says:

    I agree whit that its so stupid!
    And that do people read and think its good stuff to read?
    I does like to read your blogg than that trash. =)
    (even if i have hard to leave comment)

    Hope you have a great summer and that you will get som sun som day. =)

  2. LadyXera says:

    Jag försöker låta bli att bli upprörd över att de dessutom tjänar pengar på skiten. *skakar på huvudet* Nä, fram med personlighet o originalitet!!!

  3. LadyXera says:

    Du är flitig på att kommentera :) Kan du inte uppdatera lite här oxå? Väntar spänt på fler insiktsfulla skildringar eller nonsensinlägg från dig o ditt hörn av världen.

  4. LadyXera says:

    Fredagen den 7 augusti: I dag har jag pratat med en av mina vänner som jag inte pratat med på länge. Jag hoppas verkligen hon ringer det där samtalet. Det är ett betydelsefullt samtal, och jag håller tummarna för att det hjälper henne i rätt riktning.

  5. LadyXera says:

    *tap tap* Jag vill som sagt ha lite uppdateringar på den här fronten. Vilken kassa ska jag vända mig till med beställningen? :)

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