I’m terrible at writing blogs it seems, it takes forever between the times that I do update this. Anyway, let’s make a list of what has happened since the last time I wrote…

- My car got stolen
- I was put back on extended sick leave and medication due to my depression/burn-out
- We had Christmas! and New Year’s
- My car was found – crashed (still have to see if I can afford fixing it)
- I’ve been sent to see a therapist to help me get better
- I’ve taken extended leave from Uni since I’m incapable of studying at the moment

I think that’s pretty much it. Today is laundry day, not the most fun of days to be honest. I was annoyed though when I discovered that someone is using one of the two washing machines in the laundry room when I arrived for my scheduled time. It’s very frustrating since it’s my time and now I can’t do all my laundry :(

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