Time Passes

Time goes incredibly fast sometimes, and I realised I’ve not been writing much lately. In part it’s because I haven’t had much to write about, but even more it’s probably because I’m in one of my periods of less energy. I’m even more tired than usual.

This will just be a small post with updates, and I’ll try to get back to writing more regularly again.

So, what’s happened since last I wrote? My computer monitor died. I dropped my phone (again!) and it’s now looking even worse than before! Baby nephew turned 9 months old a few days ago (and is as adorable as ever).

Now with more "broken"

Tomorrow my friend comes to visit for a week. You know.. “him”. It’s been 8 months since we last met, and I’m almost as nervous this time as I was then. Not quite, but almost. 8 months is a long time, but I’m happy we’re finally meeting up again. Hopefully we’ll manage a full week in the same place without trying to kill each other. (You never know.. I have a friend that I love, but I can’t live with her for very long without going crazy!)

Another good piece of news is that I reconnected with an old friend who lives in the same town. For the first time in years I actually have a friend who lives within driving distance! We don’t get to meet all that often since she’s got three kids and tend to be rather busy, but we talk pretty much every day on the phone, and we play WoW together. It’s great fun!

This afternoon/evening I will have to try to get my apartment into shape before “he” comes tomorrow. While I doubt he’ll notice if it’s a bit dusty, I will know.

Complimentary photo of adorable nephew

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2 Responses to Time Passes

  1. Tania says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s your phone? Ouch!

    And good luck with him. :)

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