We have new inhabitants in the house this Spring, and while I haven’t seen them in my apartment I’ve heard them sometimes beneath the kitchen sink. For the most part they’ve been in the upstairs apartment, I’m guessing because my cat scares them off.

Then one night last week I was opening the door to the cupboard to throw some trash away.. and find a mouse stuck inside the waste bin. As I open the door it sees me and lunges at me, trying to get out of the bin. Being a wuss I scream and throw the door closed!

Fortunately my friend was still around, and he’s not as much of a wuss as I am. He took the entire bag in the waste bin and let the mouse out in the garden.

After that I kept having this irrational fear of finding a mouse in the waste bin again. I was talking to my friend in the kitchen the next night telling him about my silly fear. As I open the cupboard door.. don’t you think there’s another mouse in the waste bin again!

I am now scarred for life. I will never look at my waste bin the same way again…

I will get you, pesky human!

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2 Responses to Mousehunt

  1. Tania says:

    Hahaha. Oh my goodness.

  2. Hannah says:

    Haha, that’s horrible!

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