Happy Easter

Today it’s Easter but I can’t help but think that Mr. Weather has mixed up the holidays. Obviously he thinks that it’s Christmas and not Easter considering that it’s freezing cold and we got 2 ft. of snow the other day. On the actual Christmas though, we didn’t have as much as a snowflake. One might think something isn’t quite right.

I did eventually make it to my mom’s but not until today – Saturday – since yesterday it was simply too awful outside to make the drive. Snowstorm in March sucks…

Today I’m going to eat lunch at my grandma’s together with my sister who’s come up from Helsingborg to celebrate Easter. Then later tonight we will have dinner at my mom’s. We’re probably going to walk past my new apartment (the one I will be moving to in June) so that my sister can see it at some point as well.

Bailey is happy to be back in Ed where he can bug his sister Bella. And he loves the snow! (While I on the other hand do not.)

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8 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. LadyXera says:

    Hello dear!
    Great thing you’ve moved the bloggie here. For some reason I couldnt make a second comment on the blogspot blog – really annoying I tell you!

    Happy Easter a bit late :) Is your mobile number still active btw?

    Has your sis finally figured Malmö is better than Lund?! In what area does she live in? *curious* (You dont haaave to tell me..)

    Ooh, you’ve put a link to my blog! Sweet! Though I prefer a bit of a privacy online (concerning work and stuff) so maybe you can call it LadyXera’s blog? (Even though she’s a bit absent there I think it’s more proper *g*)

    Take care and keep up the writing (in serveral senses)!
    Ps. Ogillar du fortfarande kramar? Lämnar en i fall du ändrat dig :)

  2. LadyXera again says:

    Why do I get an error page when I try to click your home page’s links???

    *stamps foot and glares angrily at the page*

  3. Hannah says:

    I’m sorry WHAT? Malmö? :S I don’t live there! I live in Helsingborg! And I go to school in Lund! Or am I missing something? And the weather thing? I did hear something about a thing called global warming…Buh bye!

  4. Emmie says:

    Ooops! Sorry *lol* I wrote Malmö by mistake – think it was because I’d just read LadyXera’s blog and was thinking about Malmö.. or something.. Please forgive me little sister :P

    I am changing your link, M’lady :)

    Oh, and as the website says.. It’s a work in progress *lol* I actually haven’t added the other pages yet. I am working on it though, I promise!!

  5. LadyXera again says:

    *laughs* I love the link text you added to my link:)

    Oh and btw, I still can’t comment on Bailey’s blog…! *stamps foot* Why can’t B allow other than Gloogle users – I’m feeling discriminated! *grins*

    “Work in progress”… I think that sentence always been there, so how could I know it would be accurate this time huh?

    Haha, that’ll be the last time you mix M-ö and Hbg up I hope *tries to look dangerous*.

    Looking forward to bloggie updates, dear! :D

  6. Emmie says:

    Yes, well – sadly I don’t think I can duplicate the blog here so I think you will just have to not comment on poor Bailey :p

    He’ll live through it, I promise! The site is mainly for an easy way of showing photos of my darling anyway hehe

    Well, I added some stuff now! Okay, not really.. but.. well, at least the links work now. All for you, m’dear lady :P

  7. The Lady once more says:

    Hello dear! How about a short lil update? :)

  8. Hannah says:

    Lite fler blogginlägg, tack!

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