TV.. Why do you hate me so?

I follow a fair number of TV shows. In fact, there are so many I’d be ashamed to admit it. Some of them I save up and watch later, but the majority I watch every week (though sometimes I “save up” a couple of episodes and watch them together).

Now, of course, they’re all ending for the summer! Which means I’m out of things to watch soon. Several of them had to end with a cliffhanger as well of course. Making you wait until September to find out what happens/who dies and all that. It’s cruel, I tell you.. Cruel!

At least I have Game of Thrones to watch. I haven’t seen any of the season 2 episodes yet, since I wanted to wait until the whole season had aired. Then in June sometime True Blood starts. So I’ll have two things to watch this summer.

I guess it’s time to find some movies…

Do you watch a lot of TV shows? Or am I just weird…

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4 Responses to TV.. Why do you hate me so?

  1. Empty_Boat says:

    I do :)
    At one time I finished watching all the seasons of Heroes in around 3-4 weeks .. back to back every day after work..

    Recently watched “Waking Life” .. nice one .. its free view on you tube. Donnie Darko is also nice .. do watch ..

    Some of my favourites movies are “Life Less Ordinary”, “What Dreams May Come”, “Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind”, “Matrix 1″, “Animatrix”, ….

    TV: X-Files, Dexter, House, Heroes, TeraNova, Secret Circle, Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, ….

  2. Zoe says:

    I don’t have a TV, and I’ve never really been into watching series or things, but recently I discovered House… I watched all 8 seasons in time to watch the very final episode when it appeared… I didn’t know this was the end else I wouldn’t have watched them all so fast!
    I am excitedly waiting to receive my copy of Game of Thrones to watch (I work in a library, dvds are free for me to rent as well as books)
    As to films to watch, I love weird films, last night I watched ‘The Fountain’ and wow, Hugh Jackman is an incredible actor but the story I found hard to understand, but I love that kind of thing!

    • Em says:

      I own a TV, but I currently have no channels and haven’t had for the past 18 months or so *lol* I watch all my tv-shows online. House is awesome! I loved that show, it’s been a favourite of mine and I’m sad to see it go. But at the same time I’m glad it ended while it was still good. It’s always sad to see some shows go on and on until they’re no longer good to watch.

      I loved season 1 of Game of Thrones. Soon I will watch season 2. Last episode airs on Sunday I believe :)

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