Murder Kitty

I should probably warn any sensitive readers that I will be talking about critters who met their demise in this post.

My cat, Saga, is quite the hunter. I think I’ve written about it before. She catches just about anything (I’ve seen her eyeing moose through the windows.. but I think that’s not quite possible.. but she wants to!), and likes to leave them for me as “gifts”.

In my old apartment I made the mistake of having a window open for her to go in and out as she wanted. Sometimes I’d get home from work and find a dead bird under the bed. Lovely. I once had to take a break in the middle of a raid (in WoW) to catch a mouse that she had brought inside still alive. She actually brought that mouse (or another..) inside several times. I guess she thought they were easier to catch again when they were trapped by walls.

Nowadays I don’t have any windows open for her because I grew tired of finding dead animals inside. She now leaves them outside my door for me to find.

Last night she was outside for maybe two-three hours while I played some WoW on the computer (raiding). When I get up to let her inside she’s killed a mouse and a bird, both lying outside the door of course for me to see.

Here’s the odd thing. They don’t have heads.

This is a common theme with my cat. I have no idea what she does with the heads, cause I doubt she eats them (skulls seem hard to digest and all that). So I’ve been playing with some theories.

1) She’s a critter serial killer and keeps the heads as trophies of her kills. One day when I’m out in the garden I’ll probably move something and a pile of heads will come tumbling out. (And I will see Saga looking at me from the other side of the garden. “You weren’t supposed to see that. Now I will have to kill you.” )

2) She’s the kitty Godfather and uses the cut-off heads to warn her enemies. I can just see the cat nextdoor waking up one morning to find a mouse’s dead eyes staring back at him from his catbed.

I find either option just as likely. Maybe I should be afraid of my cat…

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6 Responses to Murder Kitty

  1. Tania says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was eating just the heads. This is probably really gross, but some animals just really like the taste of brains.

    I’d be more worried she was a zombie than that she’s the Godfather.

    • Em says:

      I really liked the idea of her being the kitty Godfather *lol* The idea of her eating brains is kinda gross, and another good reason why I don’t kiss her haha

      Also I now can’t get the mental image out of my head of The Walking Dead as cats and rodents…

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