Women Struggling to Drink Water

I was reading an article today about how women are often photographed in a sexy way, even as professionals whereas men usually are allowed to be shown as strong and competent. The women on the other hand have to look like they’re having “fun” or be sexy.  I’d link to the article, but it’s in Swedish sadly.

However, in the article was also a link to this page, which I found hilarious (while also quite sad). It’s the perfect example of making women look “sexy” for commercials. Though one might question this and say that all it does it make it look like women don’t know how to drink…

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3 Responses to Women Struggling to Drink Water

  1. Zoe says:

    Oh my!!! I laughed so hard at this! Is this meant to be sexy?
    If so then I’m doing everything wrong… I tend to get my water in my mouth…
    No wonder I’m single! :D

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