Junior Chef

My brother, his girlfriend and their little boy (my nephew) live in the apartment upstairs. In an attempt to save on food costs we’ve decided recently to have dinner together, buying the groceries and cooking. It’s nice because it actually does end up quite a bit cheaper, and it means no one (ie. me) has to sit all alone for dinner every day.

Most days I’ll do the cooking, and baby Viggo likes to join in. He will crawl or walk away from his parents and come into the kitchen. Since I can’t really be carrying him while cooking, I have started to put him in his chair next to me, and he’s having a blast! I let him touch most of the groceries (while still in bags) and tell him exactly what we’re doing to cook.

Maybe he’s the next Gordon Ramsay?!

Viggo is helping with the cooking!

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  1. Tania says:

    Swedish people don’t just hunt down their own moose? Hehe.

    Too cute! That’s definitely the best way to get kids interested and willing to try things, getting them involved. Hopefully it makes him less fussy than most toddlers! (Though, really, refusal to eat in toddlerhood is as much a power play as anything else. :P )

    • Em says:

      Well, some people hunt down their own moose :P But there’s only a specific time of the year it’s allowed. Do you eat moose in Canada or is that a Swedish thing only?

      So far he’s eating pretty much everything, so fingers crossed! I suspect it might come when he gets older though, since it’s a power play as you say :) I think we should enjoy the peace and quiet of him loving to eat as long as we can!

      • Tania says:

        Oh, no, Canadians definitely eat moose, too. Same thing, there is a specific moose hunting season. I’ve heard it’s delicious, but I don’t seem to know enough hunters. The few times I’ve eaten at a hunter’s house, I’ve been fed domestic animals. It’s kind of disappointing.

        I’m really happy my brother and sister weren’t too fussy. Well, Alex was, but once you fed him treats before dinner he’d eat dinner (he’s autistic spectrum, and sometimes giving him something with lots of energy in it was the only way to get him to calm down enough to recognise he was hungry).

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