I’ve chosen one of the rats that I will take – and now I just have to choose a second one. I’m holding off a little though since I need to make sure I get two of the same sex since I don’t particularly want to suddenly have another ten *lol* I think the one I’ve chosen is male, but I want to be certain. It’s still a while before we will separate them from their mother anyway. They’re now just over two weeks old and they’re becoming very cute and starting to move around and explore.
I have yet to choose names for my rats as well, but I think that will come once I have decided which two I’m getting.

In other news Bailey has had a massive haircut. He’s barely recognisable! But it was something that had to be done since his furOld Cut had gotten way out of hand. Check out the before and after photos! His fur will grow out obviously and he will soon again be the adorable ragamuffin we’re all used to :P

Other than that it’s been decided that I move to my new apartment on 17 May (this may still change slightly, but it’s the date currently set) and I’m looking forward to having the move over and done with. Getting access to my new little garden isn’t all bad either of course ;) New Cut

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2 Responses to Update

  1. The Lady says:

    Heeeej! Är det bara jag som inte kan läsa det övre inlägget? Bilderna lägger sig bakom ramen…*mumlar*
    Nu är jag lite ledig från jobb.. så då hinner jag faktiskt nyttja hemmadatorn lite. Kram på dig!

  2. Emmie says:

    Har försökt göra bilderna mindre nu så jag hoppas att det är läsbart!

    Skönt att vara ledig från jobbet!

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