I came across this link…

It’s another comedian’s response about the whole Daniel Tosh debacle. (In short, he made a joke in very bad taste about rape. It’s caused a lot of people to complain and split the comedians in two camps; those who think he should be able to joke about anything, and those who think you can’t.)

This particular response was posted by Curtis Luciani on his Facebook page, and then later in this article.

Have a read. It’s really quite interesting.

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2 Responses to I came across this link…

  1. Tania says:

    I love that reply, and it’s exactly what I feel about comedy. If it’s about something that actually affects people, and actually causes people pain, you’d better be damn skilled at how you go about making a joke of it.

    • Em says:


      While I do think that you can joke about just about anything, as the writer of that response says; you have to be very skilled to do it right!

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