I don’t shop a lot, but when I do it’s more often for books than it is for clothes or other things. Some time ago there was a sale on old Classics, you could get 5 for €10. Obviously I had to buy three sets. (For the attentive; yes, there’s only 14 Classics in the photo. I gave one to a friend.)

Books <3

Books <3

Since I got sick I generally don’t have the attention span or concentration to read things that require… well… a working brain. So I’ve been sticking to romance novels and the occasional Torey Hayden novel. (Which, by the way I recommend! Though they’re not always nice reading since the children she’s worked with in her professional life has had anything but a great life.)

I bought myself a few novels lately anyway, since I discovered that finally offered free shipping to Europe (rather than just UK). All I had to do was order for at least £25… Not an issue! Got myself a few Lisa Kleypas books from a series of hers I’m currently reading, an Eloisa James book and one from Abigail Barnette.

From what I understand the Barnette books are classified as erotic fiction. I don’t really know how I’ll like it – but since I absolutely love her sense of humour and awesome recaps of the 50 Shades of Grey books, I decided to buy something of hers. If for no other reason than to support her. And who knows… it might turn out to be awesome!

I actually tend to buy more books than I can read these days. I used to easily read a book or two a week. Whereas now I’m lucky if I read that much in a month. There have been times when I’ve not read anything for months. Something which is very unlike the pre-getting-sick me.

At this point I probably have around 200 unread books in my bookcase. In the year or so leading up to my burn out I wasn’t reading much, but I was still buying books like before. And I still buy books now, though not as much as I used to. I really need to get cracking on all those books!

Does anyone else have a tendency to sometimes buy books because they “look pretty” or have a “catchy title”? Or is that just me…

I get silly excited about things like my large, Complete Sherlock Holmes book with gilded pages. It’s too large and cumbersome to ever be read easily, but it looks so great! (Which is why I’m also slowly collecting the paperback versions for easier reading.)

And yes, I will pay a little bit more if it means I get a matching set of books from the same author…

For Christmas I got some books from my family. I guess they caught on that I like books, huh?

My brother (and his family) got me a couple of WoW novels.

My brother (and his family) got me a couple of WoW novels.


My sister got me the Hunger Games, because she says it's well worth the read.

My sister got me the Hunger Games, because she says it’s well worth the read.


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  1. Tania says:

    I love Kleypas! She was the first modern romance novelist I read (I’d read a few of my great-grandmother’s Georgette Heyer’s and other books written before the 60s, but they’re quite different). I still have a soft spot for “Stranger in my Arms,” my first romance novel. Though they can be terrifically hit-and-miss in the romance genre.

    The “Hunger Games” series was really good! You should read all the books, for sure, if you like the first one.

    And nope, I buy books because their covers catch my eye. Sometimes it works out well and I find a new author I like (like mystery author Tana French – I never read mystery, but the cover of her first book caught my eye in the bookstore and I was hooked). Sometimes I find it’s a completely terrible book that I regret wasting money on.

    So, basically, it’s about the same result as book recommendations from friends. Sometimes they’re good (like when I was lent the Hunger Games trilogy), and other times they’re terrible (I can’t stand any of the Warcraft books written by Knaak. He’s the worst writer I’ve ever read. And yes, that includes romance writers. His prose is more purple and flowery than any terrible romance novel I’ve ever experienced! I am really glad I bought them with a gift certificate the person who recommended them gave me).

    • Tania says:

      (Gift certificate as opposed to money I had worked for.)

    • Em says:

      I’m definitely going to read the Hunger Games trilogy (as long as I like the first one, of course). The movie was okay, but I felt that it was lacking some explanations, which I suspect I will find in the book(s). Generally I find that the majority of books are better than their movie counterpart. (Possibly with the exception of the future 50 Shades of Grey movie… you can’t get much worse than that book, so the movie might actually be a tad bit better. At least the bad grammar won’t show!)

      As for Kleypas she’s one of the romance authors I read the most. Together with Julia Quinn and Teresa Medeiros. I never read many Georgette Heyer (if any), but I remember starting with the old bodice-ripper type novels as well. (Maybe because it seemed that’s all there was at one point?) I read a lot of Johanna Lindsey back when I first started, and while I really enjoyed them, if I think about them now I find them quite horrible from a feminist point of view.

      These will be my first WoW novels, and I have no idea what to expect. I’m always wary of things written “later”. It feels like an after-thought. Same as when they write a novel AFTER the movie is released. It’s just wrong. But I guess WoW novels are slightly different in the sense that they describe things that often happen outside of actual game play. But still, I’d think that writing within the confines of another person’s universe might be a bit.. confining? I don’t know. I guess I will find out soon :)

      • Tania says:

        Wow, I totally mostly buy Kleypas, Julia Quinn, and Teresa Medeiros, too. If you like them, I would 100% recommend Courtney Milan and Tessa Dare, if you haven’t read them already.

        And Christie Golden wasn’t bad, as far as WoW-novels go. I read her novel called “Rise of the Horde,” I think? It was decent. It’s just Knaak. Man, he’s an awful author.

        • Em says:

          I will definitely check those two out the next time I go shopping for books. The names don’t ring a bell, so I think they’re new to me. I love finding new authors that I enjoy!

  2. Empty_Boat says:


    I’m not a a gr8 reader, but somehow, I don’t know why, I like to collect books. When ever I go to book fairs, I end up buying books I know I’m not going to read. :) But I like to keep them with me.

  3. Hannah says:

    You know I’m a bookaholic!

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