“Art & Form”

The “Art & Form” part of my rehabilitation seems a bit odd. The first time we had it we got  a few seconds only to quickly draw something, the first thing, that came to our minds when we heard a word. Whether it was a colour, an image or nothing at all.

This is my… eh… masterpiece.

So talented!

So talented!


For JOY I drew my dog Bailey. I wanted to draw Molly as well, but there wasn’t enough time. We really did only have a few seconds. For DANCE I just drew a dancing woman. I personally don’t dance, so it’s not me, more like.. me watching someone else dance. For CONFLICT… well, you can see. When it came to HAPPINESS I didn’t draw anything because my mind went blank. Which I guess is quite sad in a way?

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One Response to “Art & Form”

  1. Tania says:

    My mind goes blank for snap-judgement things a lot, too. Just one of those things!

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