Stupid Rain

Bailey and I decided to take a drive out to the lakeside trail today for a nice walk since the sun was shining. It looked really promising and it was all very nice until it suddenly started raining. And not just a drizzle either, but a real downpour with big, heavy drops that just seem to go straight through your clothes.

While we were out Bailey also managed to make a child cry… The little boy was running to his car and Bailey got a little frightened and growled, scaring the little boy from his wits. Such a nice dog… *shakes head* Well, he actually is really adorable – he just doesn’t know how to behave around others. Something he’s picked up from his master perhaps?

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One Response to Stupid Rain

  1. Hannah says:

    Haha. Big, scary dog! ;) And I suppose it was Bailey’s idea to drive out to the lakeside? :P

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