Busy Week

It’s been a fairly busy week, so I haven’t really had the time (or energy) to write much. So, what’s happened since last time?

  • My brother and his girlfriend broke up, so she and my adorable little nephew will be moving out soon :(
  • Molly (dog nr 2) has an ear infection and I had to take her to the vet yesterday. She now has to have antibiotics twice a day for two weeks, and then we need to go back to check that her ears aren’t permanently damaged.
  • I bought a new couch! (Well a used one, but new for me!) No photo yet though, since my place is a mess. Old couch is still here, so I’ve just had to bunch everything together all over the place. It’s almost like living in a maze of furniture!

Other than that I’m going a little bit crazy because of the other brother that lives with me since early December. He got a job at the end of January, and he’s just not taking it seriously enough in my eyes. In the mornings he barely makes it up, and I usually have to chase him out of bed and drive him to work for him to get there. Today, I have a day off from my course and didn’t need to get up in the morning, so I didn’t. Guess what? He’s still lying in bed sleeping… (Time when writing this: 1.58 pm.)

I always have Fridays off, and the other weeks I’ve actually set my alarm to go wake up him and make sure he gets to work. But I decided to stop coddling him. He’s supposed to be a working adult now, and needs to learn to act as one. So I told him he had to get up and to work himself. That worked out great…


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2 Responses to Busy Week

  1. Tania says:

    Your brother sounds like my sister in that way. I’ve had to drive her to the clinic to get doctor’s notes so she won’t get fired from her job, and it really was note-or-no-job at that point because they were so sick of her “calling in sick” so often. She should be able to do that herself!

    I’m sorry about your nephew having to leave. But at least you’ll still get visits, and now you can spoil him when you see him and not have to deal directly with any tantrums!

    • Em says:

      I guess it’s the plight of being the older sibling.. It’s so hard to not step in and help sometimes. But at the same time I’m thinking it may be the only option, since I suspect they don’t learn anything when we keep cleaning up their messes.

      And yes, it’s quite sad about my nephew leaving. But they will still live in the same town at least. And while I may be sitting here thinking it’s sad, I’m sure it’s a lot worse for them!

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