Clothing Ads… or?

I realise the article I’m about to link to is old, but I only just found it myself, and I don’t actually think they’ve gotten any better since.

There’s this clothing company called American Apparel, and their ads are incredibly sexist and definitely play on the “sex sells” idea. When I saw the images I was quite amazed. I mean, are we really supposed to see clothes in these photos and want to buy them?

All I can see are images that look like they were made for your significant other, and then someone got their dirty hands on them. It’s not what I would expect from an ad for a clothing company, that’s for sure.

Here, have a look yourself!

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2 Responses to Clothing Ads… or?

  1. Tania says:

    As far as ads go, I definitely don’t even know what 80% of those were supposed to show! What were they advertising? Because I could only see maybe half of the piece of clothing. Make porn or make clothes, this crossover BS is silly

    But then, the owner is apparently a scumbag, so, there’s that.

    • Paulo says:

      Why is the owner a scumbag??

      Now tell me, have you ever eared about that company “American Apparel” before?
      Notice that the Ads are 4 years old and still causing a fuzz through the internet, i call it brilliant advertising Job.

      The ad job was to get your attention, and it did.. i bet if it was a old lady knitting no one would remember “American Apparel” one month after.

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