Bad Day

 Some days you just know you should never have left the bed. Though I guess it’s all part of the whole depression thing and all for me, but today has just been one of those days. I’m having a lot to worry about – something I might add I’m very good at.

Getting worried and frustrated because the move is getting closer – and don’t get me wrong – I really do want to move, I look forward to getting settled somewhere for a while and my new apartment is small but cosy. Not to mention that the garden is a huge plus. But all the packing… And with me having problems getting things done, it’s not working out very well. So I’m getting stressed. I want to pack, but as with most things I don’t seem to be able to just get going and do it. That’s one of the things I have the most trouble with accepting about this whole depression/burn-out thing. Not being able to do the simplest tasks.

Makes me feel like a failure I guess.

Also a bit worried that I may be in the process of falling for someone.. that I probably shouldn’t be. Yeah, I can worry about the silliest things.

I just get tired of my life having been switched upside down. It was all good, I had a nice job – a nice apartment… all that stuff… And then this happens. But then, I guess I did lack some social contact being so far away from my family and all. And as they say, the material isn’t what’s most important. Yet it does help a bit, doesn’t it?

Oh I don’t know. I’m just rambling today. Stupid, bad day.

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One Response to Bad Day

  1. The Lady says:

    Det var väldigt vad du är flitig på att skriva inlägg nu då! Jag hinner ju inte med!

    Det där med att vilja göra ngt, men inte orka känner jag allt för väl igen. Men oftast löser det sig till slut. Jag kan inte övertala dig att flytta till Malmö i stället? :)

    Tusen kramar fulla m energi!

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