Better late than never?

My apologies to anyone who actually reads my blog, I realise I’ve not written in ages. It would appear that I’m exceedingly bad at doing so. So, what’s new?

The move went well, I’m now safely arrived – and at least somewhat unpacked – in my new apartment in Ed. Bailey is loving living closer to nature again, and of course to all his friends who we meet nearly every day for a walk in the forest or by the lake. Also my new little boys Nimbus and Gizmo have moved in of course. I will try to have some pictures up of everything in the near future.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. Just a quick update really, I will try to be better at writing again, I swear!

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2 Responses to Better late than never?

  1. The Lady says:

    Jaaaa! Äntligen! Längtat efter uppdatering :) Glad midsommar på dig förresten, hur ska du fira?

    Hmm… jag får nog lugna ner mina utropstecken lite! *skratt*

    Så, dyker det upp nåt flyttkort, eller du föredrar att fortsätta vara lite hemlig? ;)

  2. Malin says:

    I hope you enjoy your new home and your new boys =)
    I hope you get a good Midsummer with alot of Sun.
    Best wishes to you and Bailey

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