I’m feeling rather bored at the moment, and what sucks is not having the energy to do anything about it. However, today I managed to do the dishes which is quite an accomplishment these days (sadly this is true). I’m just glad it’s done and I hope that tomorrow I can continue and get some more stuff done in the apartment.

My brother Sebastian has gone back home and I had a couple of weeks with just me and the boys at home, but this week my stepsister Felicia is visiting. It’s nice getting some “quality time” with my brothers and sisters sometimes since when visiting them it’s usually quite hectic with so much people in one place.

Speaking of visiting I’m going up to Örebro on Thursday to take Felicia home and will be staying until Saturday. While there I’m planning to go see the new Batman movie with my brother – which I’m very much looking forward to since I’ve heard good things about the movie.

Below are some photos of the rats’ cage when newly cleaned and a picture of Nimbus (white with red eyes) and Gizmo (white and brown). I know a lot of people don’t like rats, but they’re really quite intelligent and sociable. Sadly I can’t have them out as much as I’d like to since Bailey is much too interested in them and I’m worried his “playing” might be a bit too much for the little guys.

Rat Cage



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One Response to Bored

  1. Malin says:

    Oh so nice play your rats have. =)
    Yeah some times is nice to just meet ppl one and one, right now we have my sambos 4 sisters and one of them have her son whit them and the mother to all kids.

    I hope you get nice weather when you going on visit.

    I saw that BAtman movie this monday whit my brother and it very good monie, so i hope you will have time to see it . =)

    Its true the dishes is hard to do some times. =/


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