Ooh la la!

Today we were at The Studio in Gothenburg getting professional make-up and photography done. The whole shebang was free, but you had to pay for the photos. It was possible to write a list of friends to nominate for another free make-over, makes me wonder if someone had nominated me before? Anyone who wishes to step forward and tell me so? ;)

It was quite interesting – though I was a bit disappointed they didn’t do anything with our hair. We’d not realised that they didn’t so we all showed up without having done anything with the hair. In any case it was quite fun and I ended up buying some of the photos. For those interested you can find all of the photos I got here: http://spellbound.nu/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=7

Feel free to let me know which one would be good to use on my author site and other places I might (if I feel insane) wish to show my face.

Em during Photo Shoot

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4 Responses to Ooh la la!

  1. Ladyn says:

    Min första tanke är: Herregud vad vacker du är!!!

  2. Ladyn says:

    I’ll be back with my voting on all the pics dear! In a bit of a hurry right now. Huuugs!

  3. Malin says:

    Thanks for your visit on my blogg. =)

    I hope you hade a good time in Gothenburg and i think you are so strong to show the photos.
    But why should you not, the camera likes you . =)

  4. Ladyn says:

    Nu har jag röstat lite oxå! Den enda bilden de inte lyckades helt med var där du tvingades vara glad fastän du inte kände för det.
    Och vilken figur du har!!! Jag är riktigt avundsjuk på dig! Kram!

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