Happy Birthday

Well, technically it was yesterday – but I’m a bit slow. In any case I had a nice day – thanks to everyone who sent me sms and b-day cards, it’s always so nice to receive :)

I had my grandma and grandpa over around noon for some cake, then my family took me out to dinner later after which I brought them home for some cake. Except for the horrible weather it was a really nice day. On the picture below you can see the birthday cake I bought, it’s one of my favourites – very yummy! However, since we still had a lot of cake over after everyone had left I actually gave Bailey a small piece, and the rats got to share a tiny piece as well.

Birthday Cake

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. Malin says:

    It sounds like you hade a good birthday =)
    and the cake seams fine.
    Did Bailey enjoy it?

  2. Ladyn says:

    Hej hallå! Tårtan ser jättefin ut! Helt rätt att dela med dig lite till djuren oxå.
    Tycker mig känna igen ängelmotivet på fatet – påminner starkt om det på våra fina namn-koppar:)

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