Not such a great Friday…

Let me take it from the start…

My sister’s friend M has been staying at my mom’s house during the summer since she had a job during the holidays. Today she and three friends were in the grocery store shopping planning for a nice evening at one of their houses with a movie and good food. Some weirdo starts talking to them outside the store, touching one of the girls (who has a little baby, mind you) and saying stuff like he’s gonna sleep with her tonight. They find him creepy and start walking home, but he follows them.

Getting worried they decide to go into my mom’s house (where M currently lives) since the guy is still following them and they want to lose him. Locking the door they stay low hoping he didn’t see them go in and will disappear. This is about the time I arrive in my aunt’s car with all the dogs to pick up my mom for our daily walk in the forest. We leave and M locks the door behind my mom. As we drive off we see the weird dude walk up to the door and start knocking.

When we return maybe half an hour or so later we see that M and the others are standing by the neighbour’s porch. The neighbour is gesturing us over and tells us not to go into the house. Turns out the dude had somehow found a way inside the house while we were gone and is still outside. M and the others had hidden in the upstairs bedroom, with the dude banging on the door trying to get in. Being really scared they climb out the window and down the outside of the house so they could run over to the neighbour and have called the police.

We can hear bangs and noises from inside the house as the dude is wreaking havoc. He’s probably an addict because he’s not been acting normal and we’re worried what he might do if he finds us so we hide behind the neighbour’s house with all the dogs waiting for the police to arrive. Since the police has to come from quite far away we have to wait for quite a bit. In the meantime he wrecks the house, throwing things all over the floors, pulling doors off the hinges, breaking mirrors etc. etc. He also comes back outside (and we move further away) and smashes the front window of my aunt’s car and the rear door mirror as well. Then he finds some stuff to toss around after finding some roof tiles that he carries with him and smashing against the asphalt as he starts walking down the street slowly.

Finally the police shows up and captures him.

I never thought anything like this would happen. I always considered my town to be a nice, peaceful place. My mom’s home is completely wrecked and they have to stay at a hotel tonight since they can’t sleep at home. I’ve got Bella – their dog – since she obviously isn’t allowed at the hotel. I can only hope that their insurance covers most of the damages. But even then there’s so much to clean and tidy up – he really did a number on the house.

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2 Responses to Not such a great Friday…

  1. Ladyn says:

    Åh herregud… det är hemskt att läsa, låter nästan som en dålig film. Jag hoppas verkligen oxå att försäkringen täcker det hela. Bra att ni är ok åtminstone. Kraaam!

  2. Malin says:

    Its terrible that happends!
    I hope your mom can get peace in the home after this and good that you had her dog at your home to.
    I hope you did sleep well after it all.

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