Moving Forward

I’m back to doing work training again now (after Xmas/New Year’s break) and it’s working quite nicely. I think I’m about to manage my first ever full week of having gone all days. Before I’ve always ended up with a bad headache or feeling really bad and unable to get out of bed at least once per week. But this week things are going well which makes me happy.

Also had a meeting about the work training and was flattered to find out that they had declined several people before me, but apparently there was something about me that made them say yes to my work training. So I guess there’s something good about me!

I even got a corporate christmas gift like the other employees! You got a gift certificate with a bunch of pre-selected items and you could pick one. Mine just arrived today – a set of 4 glasses and 4 dessert bowls. I think they look pretty neat! :)

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2 Responses to Moving Forward

  1. LadyXera says:

    Lämnar en liten kommentar, jag har varit tokdålig på det. Fina glas o skålar – de är ju blåa :)
    Var rädd om dig och njut av det du åstadkommer, hur litet du än tycker att det är!

  2. Emmie says:

    Kul att du tittat förbi! Och jag ska inte säga något, jag är ingen höjdare på att lämna kommentarer på folks bloggar heller, även om jag alltid läser dem!

    Skulle vilja säga att glasen är lila.. men tyvärr kan t om jag se att de är blå!

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