A Leg Up

Or rather, an update on what was decided when I was at the hospital.

Long story short, I will have surgery to remove the screws and metal on the inside of my leg because that seems to be what’s giving me trouble. The stuff on the outer side seems fine and will be left in. I don’t have a date for the surgery yet, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see when it will happen.

I have very mixed feelings about it. Obviously I want to get rid of the pain so that I can walk without suffering again, but I’m also very nervous about narcosis and surgery.

When the doctor was running his hand down along my leg where the metal is I can see why I’m in such pain. Just the pressure from his thumb over the metal on the inside was so ridiculously painful.

I have to go back down in a week to fill out some papers for the insurance. It’s annoying, but it couldn’t be done Friday apparently. Shame since it’s an hour to drive just to get there, just to get some papers signed.

I’ve attached the original x-rays of my leg as well. Before and after surgery. The images look a bit odd since I have to take a photo of the x-rays since my scanner isn’t working. Also some photos of the area where I live again with even more snow (that came this weekend).

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  1. LadyXera says:

    Gillar att du är så duktig på att lägga upp bilder. Du ser charmig ut på dem förresten. :)

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