Happy Halloween!

Okay, so I’m a day early, but anyway!

Last weekend I was visiting my sister and her boyfriend down in Lund. It was really nice to get to see where they live and everything so it was a nice trip. Well, except for the 5 hour train journey (one way). But on the whole it was really nice. On Friday I even met up with my old friend the Lady – whom I’d not seen for at least 5 years so that was really nice. We went with my sister to a restaurant and had a good time. :)

On Saturday my sister had an early Halloween party/Moving-in party which was fun as well. We all got to dress up and she had decorated the apartment really well – with lots of help from her boyfriend of course!

Once back home I’ve been busy dogsitting my mom’s dog since they’ve all taken off to Denmark for a few days, but they should be back this evening. Tomorrow I’m making yummy enchiladas for my grandma and baby brother – it’s so much more fun to cook when someone else is eating. Cooking for one is as boring as it can get hehe


Halloween EmHalloween Em again ;)

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3 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Malin says:

    Nice photo. It sound like you had a good trip. =)
    I hope you will have a good weekend now.

    Tack för ditt inlägg och stöd på min blogg. =)

  2. pelle says:

    så söt du e :)

  3. LadyXera says:

    Skickar en liten hälsning så här i mellandagarna :) Tack för ditt inlägg ang B12. Visste inte att det syntes på proverna även då kroppen inte kunnat tillgodogöra sig det.
    Hur gick gastroskopin? Jag har gjort det en gång… det var hemskt. *skratt*

    Hoppas julen var bra och att tomten kom med lite julklappar :)

    Och jag tycker fortfarande att bilderna här är hur läckra som helst. You go girl! Kram i massor

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