It’s time!

Turns out I’m moving a little sooner than I thought. I was meant to move April 1st, but due to people not being available to help me move then (cause believe it or not – I can’t carry furniture on my own!) I have to move already tomorrow – so now I’m really stressed having to get all the last things packed and ready to go.

Worst part is that I’m not even home for half the day tomorrow, I have to leave early in the morning to take Saga in to the vet cause she’s getting “done”. There’s enough unwanted kittens in the world for me to have more brought into it. Also, I read that cats feel better and are less stressed after they get “done”, so unless you’re actually planning to have kittens – it’s best for your little darling to get sterilised.

So in any case, tomorrow I’m off for several hours – then I have to rush back home, try to pack anything that’s left – and then.. moving time!

I won’t have internet for the first few days since I wasn’t planning to move in yet, but once I get it and my place is getting back into order I will try to get some photos up of the new place! So, next time I write – it will be from my new apartment!

Also, as you may have noticed I’ve changed the design of the blog. I can’t quite find one that I love – but I wanted a change and this one will have to do :)

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2 Responses to It’s time!

  1. LadyXera says:

    Lycka till med flyttbestyren! :D Bloggen är jättefin!

  2. Hannah says:

    Good luck with everything!

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