Starting the New Year with a Bang

Yep, that’s what I’ve done. My bang was nothing other than slipping on ice and breaking both bones in my lower left leg. Well done me!

After 3 days in the hospital with surgery where they put metal plates and screws and whatnot inside my poor leg I’m not back home. Not entirely home, but at my mom’s since I’m not exactly mobile at the moment, so my mom’s taken me in so I get help with food and stuff. Let’s be honest, cooking while standing on one leg isn’t exactly easy, so I’m quite thankful that she’s doing this.

I’m on crutches and not allowed to put any weight on my left leg for at least 6 weeks forward. It’s rather frustrating being this incapacitated. I know there are people out there with physical handicaps that do really well, but I currently feel pretty useless myself. I’m sure after some time I will get more used to it though and do a lot better. But even simple things like taking a shower are a hassle right now. I can’t get myself food because I can’t carry a plate or a glass since I have crutches in both hands. It’s just having to get used to it I guess, I’m just not used to having to  rely on others.

Anyway, it could be worse I guess. Hopefully I will mend quickly and this will all be a memory of the past :)

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One Response to Starting the New Year with a Bang

  1. LadyXera says:

    Thinking of you dear!
    Though, imagine all the books you have time to read. – And you get to boss ppl around.. which can be quite nice when you get the hang of it. ;)

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