Midsummer’s Eve

Today it’s Midsummer’s Eve here in Sweden. As usual I’ve celebrated it together with my family. We had a lovely BBQ with delicious strawberry cake for dessert made by grandma. We also played a bit of “kubb” – an old game involving tossing pieces of wood at the opposing team’s pieces of wood. I know, it makes no sense if you never played it.

On the whole it’s been a good day. My ankle (on the bad leg) is the size of a football and kind of hurting – but compared to how the leg was before I can’t complain. Can’t wait to get the stitches out this coming week though, I think that will help some as well. Oh, I took a picture of my stitches.. I look like Ms Frankenstein. Didn’t post it here though since I’m sure not everyone is keen on seeing Ms Frankenstein. However, if you wanna see them, you can click here :)

Some photos from the day below…

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