Getting there..

After the worries that maybe the employment thing had fallen flat on its face it seems that they’ve found a solution so that I can still begin work on 1 August. It does mean that there is no possibility for an extension past the one year, but at least it will get me started and working on my rehabilitation. Hopefully in a year’s time I won’t need the special benefits anyway and then it won’t matter anyway.

To explain; the special employment I’m getting is a rehabilitation kind of employment during which I will go from 50% work to 100% (hopefully) during the year which it runs. The work agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) that has to approve all of this (government bound rules) couldn’t approve of the work place where I’ve been since September (without pay, if this goes through I’ll actually get a salary – yay!) since they didn’t have a Union agreement.

However, they’ve worked out this intricate deal where the municipality where I live will hire me in their offices – and my work place will “lend” me from them. So it all works out in the end. I’m very happy and grateful that people are doing this, because the whole “lending” business is not standard procedure and most likely has not happened before and will not happen again. I think they were just feeling guilty because we were so close to the “finish line” and then everything seemed to fall to pieces.

In the end, I’m just happy it all seems to be solved. But I don’t dare to celebrate until I have a signed piece of paper in my hands!

In other news, I finally got the stitches removed from my leg, now just for everything to heal and I’ll be able to walk again. Yay! Oh, and Saga brought me another gift last night. This time it was a dead mouse. With no head. Thank you, Saga…

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  1. Malin says:

    Nice i really hope you will get the workthing going and that you will get payed for it!
    And good that you can walk again.
    Wasent that kind of Saga to think of you so she got you a gift? =P
    Hope you can enjoy the summer and some sun.

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