Where did the spring go?

Tuesday was March 1 and I was hoping for some nice spring weather. Instead I got snow. Well, thank you very much! It’s spring! Not winter! March = Spring. Is that so difficult to understand?

In the beginning of March 2005 the Netherlands got more snow than they had in the past 20 years. I would rather have had more sun than in the past 20 years. But maybe that’s just me. I hate being cold.

Then again, I rather have snow and cold than rain and cold. Or wind and cold. Or the worst; rain, wind AND cold. It’s very interesting because we have that a lot here. It means that you can’t use an umbrella because either the wind is ripping it inside out or the rain is being thrown in all different directions (and your umbrella only covers one).

If one can ignore the winter outside I guess I’m doing ok. I had a nice surprise when I realized that I only need to write another 3 chapters for my book before my rough draft is done. That was a nice surprise for sure (assuming I can squeeze the ending into 3 chapters *lol*). Then of course there will be a lot of editing, but I’m quite looking forward to the editing.

This weekend I’m going out with a friend. Tonight we’re going to a nice bar called Crazy Pianos which has live music, and tomorrow night we’re going to the cinema to see Constantine. Fingers crossed that both evenings will be good ones.

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