The End is Near…

And when I’m talking about the end I’m of course speaking of the near end of my current job. After more than 3 years in my current company it just feels like it’s time to move on, and now that I have a new job waiting I can’t wait to get out of here. Tomorrow is my final day and it feels really great.

Then I have a little bit of time off before I start my new job. I will travel to Sweden to see my dad and that part of the family and then down to see my mom and the other part of the family. Apparently it’s the village fair the weekend I’m in my mom’s town which is really nice since I’ve not been there for it for 5 years now. Ah, childhood memories…

I kept postponing the bloodtest I had to take last week, but I finally got around to doing it on Thursday morning and I managed to do so without bawling like a baby so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself *lol*
Today I had a medical check up at the office of my new job and I always feel a bit awkward when I have to do these things. Especially when you have to take your top off and the doctor is kinda handsome. I know he’s a doctor and he sees these things all the time, but still. It’s new to me and it makes me feel really self-conscious.

Tonight I’m off to IKEA to buy some Swedish cakes that I’ll be bringing into the office tomorrow for a small fare well-do with the colleagues (and then I’ll meet some of them for a drink in the evening). Going to have a look for a few things I’d like for my appartment as well, but not sure if they have them. (If there is anyone who doesn’t know what IKEA is – which admittedly is difficult for me to believe – it’s a Swedish furniture store with things you have to put together yourself, making the prices quite decent.. I love IKEA because they also sell some Swedish goodies so that I can get hold of some Swedish meatballs and cheese etc. even when in the Netherlands. Thank you Ingvar! – that’d be the man who started IKEA – )

This weekend I think I’m just going to take it easy. Run a few errands maybe. I bought something in a store which I later realised was not what I needed at all (the guy in the store didn’t go into details.. grr) so I’m going to see if they’ll take it back. It was rather expensive so I really hope that they will.

Otherwise I’ve not really done much. I lead a very boring life, what can I say?

I’ve finished the first round of edits of my book and I now need to re-read it again to check if I need to make some more changes. (Most likely I do.)

Well, I’m off to IKEA now… Going to eat some Swedish meatballs there for dinner I think. Yummy!

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