My Mother’s Logic

As I believe I’ve mentioned my future niece/nephew is due any day now. For reasons I’m not going to go into here the expectant mother’s own mother will not be present during the delivery, but my mother will.

Can I just say that in preparation of becoming a grandmother for the first time mom’s been completely baby crazy? Think scouting e-bay for baby clothes and baby things every single day…

Anyway, so mom’s going to be there during the delivery since you know.. she’s been there before. She knows the deal. And I imagine it can be nice to have someone around who actually does.

Now, mom is eagerly awaiting the day the baby will arrive. She’s even sorted it out with her boss so that she can leave at any time to take the expecting parents to the hospital (neither of them have a driver’s license and it’s an hour’s drive from where we live).

The other day she was on a work call in the vicinity of the hospital. While there she was thinking that, you know – it’d be really nice if C goes into labour now because I’m so close to the hospital they (the people who were with her) could just drop me off and I’ll be right there.

She mentioned this to the person driving the car, who of course pointed out the obvious – Yeah, that’s really nice with you being at the hospital.. but what about the parents? How do you expect them to get there?

When mom told me this story I was laughing so bad. It’s so typical of her to get focused on one thing and forget the other bits and pieces. Like the woman who’s actually meant to give birth! In her mind the important bit was that she was at the hospital – since she was the one with the experience. And she just completly forgot about anything – and anyone – else!

That’s a little tidbit from my family and our odd quirks. (Or rather my mom – the woman who once tried to give someone the finger and ended up giving them a thumbs up!)

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4 Responses to My Mother’s Logic

  1. Awww, I have some sympathy here. My mum did a shift waiting for me to go into labour with my second (I was induced, which equated to a day in hospital being mauled about in ways which I shall skip over whilst waiting for SOMETHING to happen!) to allow my husband at the time to have a break (he hated and was terrified by hospitals…) and at the point where I went from zero to full speed (as is the way with induced labours) she was out of the building so fast she barely kissed me goodbye. When I asked her afterwards why she had flat out run away, she said that there was no way she could be there and see me go through what I was about to go through! Which I can kind of understand, I guess.

    But I giggled at the thought of the expectant mum going in to labour at a time when your mum was at the hospital already :) That made me smile. And slightly eccentric families are just the way to go. Who’d want a boring family without any quirks? Not me!

  2. Em says:

    Maybe it’s easier for my mom since it’s not “her” daughter, but rather daughter-in-law. I think she’ll be a great support for them, since they’re both fairly young and this is their first time. My mom is medically trained as well (even if she no longer works as a nurse), which might help.

    No labour yet though so my mom’s “brilliant” idea didn’t work out anyway :P But I can just imagine her standing at the hospital thinking that she’s all ready, let’s go! Only to realise that some vital people are missing :P

  3. Zoe says:

    “That’s a little tidbit from my family and our odd quirks. (Or rather my mom – the woman who once tried to give someone the finger and ended up giving them a thumbs up!)”
    I laughed a lot at this!
    I have done similar unfortunately, but that was under the influence of alcohol :P

    Families have to be quirky, thats what makes them unique and fun!

    • Em says:

      We still laugh at it (the thumbs up thing), I swear she will never live that one down *lol*

      I agree though, families need to be a bit quirky, it’s what makes them family :)

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