If you thought my livingroom looked bad on yesterday’s picture you should see it today. Or actually, you shouldn’t.

I’ve had to bunch my old furniture in a corner so that a guy can come and pick it up tomorrow. My TV and DVDs are on the floor (since I’m getting rid of the tv-table, but the new one isn’t done yet… that one is lying face down on the floor waiting for me to finish with it), the new coffee table is shoved off to the side with the remaining parts of the tv-table on it.

Oh, and let’s not forget that my couch is still spread in pieces along one wall.

Oh! Oh! And my dining table and chairs are in the bedroom since I can’t fit them in the livingroom until the old stuff is gone!

Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

I’m planning to have it all sorted by the end of the weekend though. Fingers crossed, please! Because Wednesday evening next week some of my family is coming to visit for Easter, and I want my apartment to look really nice for when they come. (Vanity I guess.)

I promise to write about more interesting stuff eventually. It’s just that I have time for little else right now but work and try to sort out my apartment when I get home.

What I’m currently up to
Watching on DVD: Dead Like Me, season 1 (one episode to go!)
Addicted to: LOST, CSI, Medium
Listening to: Simple Plan
Reading: The Silver Rose by Susan Carroll
Writing: Revising TAMING OF THE RAKE (and I had that title before Eloisa James’ new book! It’s not a rip-off! But I guess it’s time to find a new title now though… *lol*)

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3 Responses to Chaos

  1. Anonymous says:

    How’s going, Emily? Were you able to start getting things in order in your apartment? I know what you mean and no it’s not “vanity” you simply want your place to be clean and organized.

    (fellow RIer)

  2. Emmie says:

    If only.

    I tried to foist my old couches onto some organisation that takes used furniture and sells it for a profit. But they refused to take them! (There’s nothing wrong with them except for slightly faded leather, which can be fixed!)

    So… I’m still not fitting into my apartment. Trying to see if I can give them away to someone else, or I don’t know what to do.

    But at least my family is visiting next week, whether it looks a mess or not *lol* I just kind of wish it didn’t (look a mess).

    Looking forward to Easter though. Already started buying lots of chocolate eggs *lol*


  3. Anonymous says:

    Easter is once again around the corner huh? *sigh* I got my Easter candy today. I hope you have a nice one, Emmie.

    Our place is pretty trashed too, it’s so small that a cell phone box makes the apartment look crowded! You know what I mean :)


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