What a day!

I’ve been on adventure today. One that I’d just as well have skipped.

I was watching a recording of Medium when my friend came banging on the door and said that I had to come immediately to drive her to her boyfriend’s apartment. Didn’t even get the time to shut off my TV. Turns out her boyfriend has called a gazillion times crying and upset, saying that he’s going to kill himself.

We hike off to his place, while my friend is calling the police. They meet us there and since we can get no contact with the boyfriend via phone they actually break his door down (in case he’s lying dying on the floor or something). Turned out the apartment was empty though.

Oh, and then they sent a second dispatch to our building (she has the apartment above me and we share an entrance) and instead of the police asking us if anyone has a key, they start trying to bash our door in too! (Our neighbour has a key… Who is also our landlord, who was not happy about the police trying to smash the door…) Fortunately someone caught them before they smashed the door entirely to bits, so it’s just slightly damaged.

If you’re wondering, the guy finally showed up at his apartment and the police took him away (he was unharmed btw…) to put him in a cell for a few hours. (He’d apparently heaved a couple of bottles of wine in the space of 2 hours). They’re going to let him sober up for a few hours and then let him talk to a shrink. I’m thinking that’s a good idea cause the guy obviously needs help.

So… that was my Saturday. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? How was yours? Did the police try to bash in your door?

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2 Responses to What a day!

  1. Eseebee says:

    Holy cow! Unbelievable, are you ok? how’s your friend. And to answer your question, no there’s no police SWAT team at my door so far…

    I hope your landlord doesn’t take it against you or your friend, Emmie. That guy needs help for sure, I hope everything turns out ok.


  2. Emmie says:

    Thanks, Isabel. I’m ok, and so is my friend (albeit a bit shook up).

    At first my landlord was a bit upset, but once I spoke to him he was fine since he realised it wasn’t our fault. (I hadn’t even realised that the police went to our apartment!)

    We’re waiting to find out if this guy is going to be let out tonight or if they’re taking him in for some psych evaluation. I’m personally hoping for the latter.


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