I got my couch put together, and someone came to take the old one out! Yes! I could finally put my dining table back in the livingroom (instead of the bedroom!) and do some vacuuming. Didn’t have time to clean as much as I should have, but at least it resembles something that’s presentable.

Doesn’t the new couch look much better now that it’s actually in one piece? *lol*

My family will be arriving tomorrow evening, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them. Well, not all of them are coming of course. But it’ll be my mom, her partner and two of my brothers (the youngest and the oldest).

Thursday is my last day at work this week, and then I’m off until (and including) next Wednesday to spend time with my family. That’ll be an extra bonus :)

On Friday I was at a Japanese restaurant, for the first time in my life! It was an outing with work to celebrate my supervisor (who is leaving for a new job in Rome!) and a colleague who is getting married. Chopsticks is not for a beginner, that’s for sure! I finally managed (a not so beautiful) grip to actually eat something, but it almost gave me a cramp!

It was funny about my supervisor btw, I got the new job in her department… came to work my first day… Conversation went something along the lines of…
Supervisor: “Hi Em! Welcome to the dept! Oh, and I’m leaving.”
Me: “Oh. Um… Congrats?”

Well, I think that was all from me today. I’ve done very little on my WIP (but I’m still on my break before revisions, so I’m justified!) but I now have 8 pages of notes for my next MS. Hmm…

Current obsession: House M.D. (and chocolate Easter eggs!)

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  1. Eseebee says:

    That’s so awesome, Emmie. You’re couch looks great and I’m glad it all worked out in the end.

    I like some sushi and I’ve been told I hold the chopsticks “funny” whatever that means. :)


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