The lack of green fingers…

For my birthday someone always seems to be nice and think they’ll give me a flower or plant of some sort. Which is all really nice, I guess. It’s the thought that counts and all that.

The thing is… I don’t have green fingers. I have black fingers. Black fingers of DEATH! And any plant or flower that get into my house is doomed to suffer a horrible death sooner or later.

So really, one might say that it’s a horrible gift to give me. Not just for me (cause I’m quite sad when I see them wither and die), but for the poor plants. I mean, c’mon – my house is a literal HOUSE OF DEATH when it comes to flowers. I bet there are stories in the flower shops about the house of horror where no plant wants to go.

I’ve been in the process of replacing any flowers I might have (or had) with fake ones. Because those are a lot harder to kill. HAH! But every now and then some kind person decides that it’d be nice to give me a flower…

Green fingers? Not me!


I had actually planned to take photos of my new plants/flowers with the text Doomed written underneath – but they’re already wilting a little and I felt too ashamed!

In other news, a date is set and I’m meeting “him” on Thursday. Can you spell nervous?

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6 Responses to The lack of green fingers…

  1. Oh… I can’t managed house plants :( I either over water and / or over sun them or the opposite. That said, I’d been MISERABLE this summer not having a garden. Our flat is on the 1st floor and gets so much sun / wind / salt spray that nothing will survive on it. One of the (many) reasons I can’t wait to get a house…

    And – omg Thursday! Wow! keep us informed and have a fabulous time!

    • Em says:

      Yeah, same here.. indoor plants and I just don’t get along.. Now, I don’t really do much outside either, but we do have a garden.. But it pretty much tends to itself except for mowing the lawn. It’s right at the border to a forest so it’s all a bit of a wild garden I guess.. some bushes and trees, but nothing I need to really do anything with. But it’s lovely to get to be outside. I don’t necessarily want to have loads of things to tend to outside, but I really miss it if I can’t at least *sit* outside. Now I have a lovely, large porch which is perfect. When I lived in NL I lived on the first floor as well and I didn’t have so much as a balcony – which was frustrating. So I’m really happy now :)

  2. Zoe says:

    You should get Cacti, or Lucky Bamboo! Even I haven’t managed to kill those yet, a year on and they are still just looking green and nice! Or even a little Bonsai tree?

    Ohhh, keep us informed about Thursday, I’ll be thinking of you guys :D

    • Em says:

      So far I’m having the best of luck with the fake flowers – and these days they look quite real! I do have some plants that have survived for a few years – even if they’re not awfully pretty *lol*

      I thought Bonsai trees died really easily? Are you trying to make me a Bonsai murderer??? ;)

      • Zoe says:

        Nooooo!!! They need little watering, and not much care at all really. Once grown and shaped they just sit there looking pretty and hope for a bit of food/water ever once in a while :P

        Can’t wait for update on today :P

  3. Linda says:

    Good luck dear, keeping fingers crossed for you and the meeting tomorrow :D :D
    Fiiiinally! (Gert Fylking-style)

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