A Few Random Things

The dinner last night was great, even if I ended up being a little bit late on the food – but it didn’t matter so much since I had prepared someĀ appetizersĀ so everyone had something to snack on while waiting.

It was me, my mom and auntie as well as grandma (I have no local friends to invite, so I have “to do” with my family – fortunately I happen to actually quite like my family, so it’s all good). Baby Viggo was supposed to be there as well but he and his mommy ended up being double-booked and so we had to do without their company.

I’m not a great cook or anything, so I kept everything fairly simple. Nachos and salsa for appetizers, then enchiladas (two kinds; chicken and minced meat) for the meal, with a sallad of course. For dessert I’d made some chocolate pudding and whipped cream.

Simple, yet delicious!

Had to cover up my auntie apparently. Camera shy or something!


After dinner we watched a movie, my mom voted for Bridesmaids, and while I’ve seen it I figured it was probably a decent choice and so we saw that. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and I guess that’s the important bit.

Yesterday morning I also went to the job agency. They gave me some papers to fill out, but there’s really nothing properly decided yet, and I’m still a bit uncertain about what happens now. Hopefully things will be more clear soon.

Tomorrow is our twice annual town fair, so will be going into town briefly to have a look at that. I don’t have a whole lot of money at the moment, so I probably won’t be getting much (if anything), but I have to drive Baby Viggo and his momma in anyway, so I figured I could just as well have a look.

Below, another piece of randomness – when visiting my mom’s she likes to put blankets down for Baby Viggo to lie on. Thing is, her dog keeps thinking that the blankets are for her, whether there’s a baby on them or not! I guess she needs to learn to share. (She looks really offended whenever mom shoos her off!)

"My blanket!"


In other animal news… my cat (Saga) likes to lie in as inconvenient places as possible for me to do anything on the computer. Today she was lying with her head on the Enter key and so she ended up sending my chat messages a lot quicker than I intended. She also managed to drop my Windfury totem somehow when I was trying to play playing my Shaman in World of Warcraft.

"I don't care if you can reach your keyboard.."

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2 Responses to A Few Random Things

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh, I wish I had been there for the dinner and movie night! :( Actually, Maria and I have talked about having dinner and stuff at your place once we’re at Ed at the same time. If you’re up for it?

    Such a cute pic with Viggo and Bella! :D

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