I’ve been quite bad lately. I went on vacation for about two weeks, and I’ve barely written anything since. I have excuses, of course I do… but excuses aren’t really valid, are they? My brother has been staying with me the past few weeks, and he’s staying another two. I find that I always have a hard time writing and working on my MSs when I have someone around. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to being alone, or it’s because it’s so nice to have someone from my family around (since usually they all live in another country). In any case, when they’re visiting nothing ever really seems to get done.

Once my brother returns to Sweden I will get back to work. I need to do some more proofreading and revising of my latest MS, and then I have to write a synopsis and query letter and get this baby out the door. And after that of course it’s time to start writing on the next MS. I’ve already got the plotline half-done, and got some character sheets ready, so I’m set to start when the time comes. So that’s my first resolution.

My second resolution is to update this blog more often. I’m thinking once a week; every Sunday.

I just wish I had more time. Working full-time takes so much of your life, and the rest goes to.. well, living. Sleeping, making dinner, eating… The day just doesn’t have enough hours it seems. If I could have afforded it I’d have loved to work part-time, but living alone that just isn’t feasible. Well, maybe sometime in the future. Or hey, think positive. I’ll be able to work full-time as a writer :)

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