Blonde or Brunette?

I went full blonde in the beginning of summer, but by now I have some growth. This weekend I cut my hair and it looked really weird with about half my hair my natural hair colour and the lower half very blonde.

We tried to fix it by trying to get the upper bit blonde as well, but it didn’t work out so well. Some parts were missed and the blonde on top is a different shade than the rest. Needless to say, my hair looks a bit funny! ;)

So now I’m trying to decide between trying to fix it and stay blonde (would possibly be difficult to get it all right), or going brunette at least until my hair has grown long enough for me to cut off the ultra blonde bits.

What do you guys think? Blonde or Brunette?

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6 Responses to Blonde or Brunette?

  1. One can not be named, described or spoken of says:

    Can you please post some pics of your hair and you as well ;)

    • Em says:

      You know, I don’t even think I have a photo of me with brown hair *lol* I’ve not been a brunette for years. I’m leaning towards it though, so maybe once it’s done I will post a photo of the “new” hair :)

  2. Hannah says:

    Redhead! :p Or brunette. But if you want to go brown you will need to use a colour with a little red shade. Otherwise your hair will be green. Trust me, I know from experience!

    • Em says:

      Yes, I remember asking a hairdresser once. She told me that the German haircolours have a green pigment in them, so if you’re blonde and want to go brown you have to make sure you get a brand from the US or something. Or you’ll get green ;)

  3. I’ve never been blonde – I’m saving that for when the grey overtakes the brown *ahem*. I guess what would bother me the most is the whole roots thing. I don’t know how dark your roots come through, or for that matter, how expensive it is to get them touched up regularly (it’s a killer over here, I foolishly let Daughter go black when she’s light brown and it costs me about £60 (which, I guess is about 65/70 euros) every 6 weeks to have it re-done!) so that might impact on staying blonde? However, it’s more about how you ‘feel’ as a blonde or a brunette! And if it’s been a while since you’ve been brown, whether you fancy a change? And I second the pics thing, you saw one of me when I’d just been re-styled…!

    • Em says:

      Oh, I wouldn’t be going to a hairdresser (with my current economy, it’s just not viable) so I’d have to do it myself. Hence why fixing the blonde is probably not going to be possible. The roots is always going to be an issue no matter the colour I think since I’m somewhere between light brown and dark blonde naturally. I was hoping to find one of those colours that wash out (then the roots won’t be much of an issue, I just re-do it every few weeks) – but they seem incredibly rare these days. Every colour I found seemed to be permanent!

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