You’ve Been Hijacked

Emily, welcome to your new blog design. I hope you like it. Email if there is anything that needs to be added or changed.

All the best,

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4 Responses to You’ve Been Hijacked

  1. Anonymous says:

    Emmie!!! You’re going to start blogging again huh?

    Can’t wait. I’m liking things so far.


  2. Emmie says:

    Yes, I’m going to try to do a weekly blog every Sunday *lol* Need to kick myself into gear :)

    And yes, I think Haven did a lovely job on the design. Thanks Haven! :)


  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s such a good idea, Emmie. I update my personal blog three times a week. Mon, Weds, Fri, that way I don’t lose focus.

    I think, Haven, has done a beautiful job here. :)


  4. Emmie says:

    Wow, 3 times a week! That’s amazing! I couldn’t update it that often *lol* My life’s not that interesting, nothing ever happens :)


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