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There are a lot of awesome Smartphone Apps out there, some of which I use myself, but there are also a lot of weird ones. This one in particular.. I found one called the Girlfriend Keeper!

Basically what it does is automatically send SMS and/or e-mails to your girlfriend/spouse at regular intervals (that you can choose). I mean, really? If we ignore the hell you’d pay if the significant other would find out it’s what you were using – it doesn’t even seem that good.

Personally, I’d get kind of creeped out if I kept getting messages about the exact number of days/hours we’d been together. A lot of the texts also seem incredibly cheesy.

Did you know we started dating 37 days and 8 hours ago?

Diana, You have the prettiest green eyes I could ever imagine, I can’t believe we have been dating for 1 year and 53 days. -Evan


I wasn’t sure if it was a joke at first, because I can’t see that anyone would use this. How would it not be obvious to the recipient that it’s fake? It didn’t help when I read this user testimonial:

My first three wives divorced me because I always forgot anniversaries. I am pretty sure my fourth marriage will work thanks to the Girlfriend app?

Mark, 22

Really? Fourth marriage at the age of 22? When did he first get married? At the age of 12? It’s hard to believe but it seems real, there’s even a link to it on the iTunes store.

If any men are reading this, let me just give you a hint: don’t use this. First of all the messages it sends are really weird, and secondly – if you get caught it’ll be worse than you not sending any personal messages in the first place.

Now, everyone join me in a loud LOL! Because this app is actually quite hilarious.

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4 Responses to Smartphone Apps…

  1. Zoe says:

    Just wow! I laughed so hard reading this, and even sent it to my partner and he agreed that it is completely stupid!
    I’ve just got a smart phone thing and am in love with it, I don’t know how I coped without ‘whatsapp’ before to be honest :O
    But this girlfriend keeper really takes the biscuit!

  2. Tania says:

    That’s probably a fake review. Amazon and iTunes are full of them, when something is as stupid as this app. :D

    • Em says:

      This one actually had its own website *lol* I suspect it is fake, but it was still hilarious to read. Scarily enough I did find an app just like it when I checked my app store in my phone, even if it had a different name.

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