The Idle Thinker

This blog is my own personal outlet where I will write down my thoughts on various things, mainly about my life in general and what happens around me.

So, who am I?

I’m an aspiring writer, a bad artist and something of a loon.

Name: Emelie
Nicknames: Em, Emmie
Born: August, 1980
Nationality: Swedish
Mom, Dad, step-mom and step-dad (due to divorce) and 7 siblings
Pets: My wonderful, sweet dog Bailey and lovely cat Saga

Silly facts about me

  • I sometimes talk too much
  • I’m not a morning person
  • If I’m watching a movie or reading a book it doesn’t take much of a sad  story to have me blubbering like a baby
  • My feet are ticklish
  • The majority of my furniture are bought at IKEA
  • I’m a bookaholic; I will keep buying books even if I don’t have time to read them

More about me

I’m a born and bred Swedish person with a lot of imagination and a lot of thoughts. At the age of 19 (though closer to 20) I moved from Sweden to The Netherlands where I spent seven years working at various places. My first job there was at Amazon.co.uk, I later worked at an oil company and my last job was for a UN organisation called the OPCW. I got into HR fairly early on, and it’s a field I’ve enjoyed.

Sadly in late 2006 I had a burn-out and had to resign from my position once I understood that I wasn’t going to suddenly be back at full speed. I moved back to Sweden in May 2007 and now live in a nice apartment at the edge of the forest.

Since I’ve been back in Sweden I’ve had some answers to my conditions and I’ve been diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and fibromyalgia. I’m working hard on learning to live with my life as it is now and not looking back at how it used to be. As much as I miss my old life, I need to look forward and learn to deal with day to day things and work in a new way.

2 Responses to Em

  1. One can not be named, described or spoken of says:

    Hi Emm,

    You have a nice blog .. you pour your heart out here .. its really nice. But the only thing I am wondering about is why do you see yourself as not important. You have written in your introduction,

    “Yeah, I’m the person writing all these boring blog posts. This is my personal blog so there’s not really anything special to it.”

    why do you see your posts as boring .. they are not .. and definitely they are special .. everything is special. You are doing gr8.


    • Em says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      I had actually forgotten about that introduction, I was writing it thinking of those “big, themed blogs” out there who write about “big topics”. In comparison I guess I do think my blog is kind of boring, heh. I write mainly about my day-to-day thoughts and what happens in my life. I will see if I can update the text though to not sound quite as bad :)

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