Bailey in da house!

Name: (Harry) Bailey
Born: 2 March 2007
Breed: 50% English Springer Spaniel 50% Perro de Aqua de Espanol
Family: My human Em, my sister Bella (who lives with Em’s mom) and the cat Saga

Loves: Balls! Rolling around in the grass. Being out in the forest.

Hates: Well, I don’t hate anything really, but I haven’t quite figured out why they keep trying to give me raw potatoes. I know my sister loves them, but c’mon! I want meat!!

Why the addition Harry to my name? Well, apparently when I was a tiny tiny puppy my human’s mom thought I looked like “Dynamit Harry” from the Swedish films “Jönsonligan”. I don’t know. I don’t see the resemblence.. do you?

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